Michelle Brennan

Chiropractor and Owner of HCC

Let me introduce myself, I am Michelle. I’m a chiropractor, a new business owner, a mother, a keen swimmer and all-round lover of life. I’ve been a chiropractor for 20 years and my passion is helping people realise the potential their body has to do more than just survive, it can thrive! If you’re experiencing back pain, feeling older than your age or if you are looking for guidance on how to feel good, look good and move well, then you sound like someone I’d love to work with.

I aspire to make a real difference to a patient's life by relieving them of pain and enabling them to live their life to the full. I work to identify the cause of the pain and recommend a treatment plan to help achieve results and relief.

I realise that it's not just about your pain though, it is about all the things that the pain prevents you from doing. For example, playing with your kids, going for a run, sleeping through the night or standing pain-free at a party.

To put it simply back pain makes you feel old and it doesn't have to be that way! At Henfield Chiropractic Clinic we are here to help our clients move and feel better through chiropractic treatments, allowing them to get back to doing the things they love.

If you would like to make this your year and are interested in what chiropractic may have to offer you, then call the clinic on 01273 494680 to book your appointment.

Meet Our Team - Henfield Chiropractic Clinic

Henfield Chiropractic Clinic provides safe, gentle and effective chiropractic care to every client. We are a local team that offers unhurried treatments that get you back to enjoying life as quickly as possible. Our aim is to provide a drugless healing art to the Henfield community that trusts the power within their body to heal and express itself to its fullest potential.



I have been working as a Chiropractor for the last 18 years after qualifying at The University of South Wales. I am now a busy mum of four active children and I’m a lifelong horse woman and keen hockey player. I practice on both people and animals. I specialise in advanced acupuncture, microcurrent (INDIBA) therapy, complex pain management and tailored sports rehabilitation programs.

INDIBA uses radio waves to create a targeted thermal effect on the cells, providing nutrient and circulatory stimulus at a cellular level. Targeted microcurrent is then used to stimulate damaged, dying or dead cells (scar tissue) . Research and clinical practice show a rapid increase in healing times, greater elasticity and range of motion combined with a greater proliferation of stem cells and reduced scar tissue. The INDIBA is excellent in both acute sports injuries and chronic injuries. It is effective on muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve and bone tissue. I am very much enjoying using this state-of-the-art technology to improve patient outcomes. And I’m delighted to be back working at Henfield Chiropractic Clinic. Not only did I start working with Tom and Michelle when we graduated but I also was the founder of Henfield Chiropractic Clinic. So it’s very special for us to be back as a team. I am also very much looking forward to working back in the village!



One of the things I love most about chiropractic is watching people improve and change as they receive gentle adjustments. There’s a lightbulb moment when the body experiences an improvement in movement and you start feeling more like you again!

I think of chiropractic as a team game with patient and chiropractor working together to find out the cause of your problem to help us find a long term solution. Getting the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment can be the start of your journey with pain easing and once again you can focus on doing the things you enjoy most. Alongside traditional chiropractic techniques I have also been trained to perform medical acupuncture which is an excellent additional feature in a chiropractic setting for boosting the bodies ability to heal itself. I have been practicing for 20 years and have known Michelle for seventenn of those as we have worked together in various practices. I am honoured to be joining the team at Henfield chiropractic and I look forward to us growing the practice and providing service to the local community in the years to come.

Warwick (BSc, MSMA)

Soft Tissue Therapist

Whilst studying for his degree in Sport (Science & Management), Warwick was introduced to sports massage. This was something that he thoroughly enjoyed, and he decided after his degree to continue to develop the manual skills which he had learnt and progressed to becoming a member of the Sports Massage Association. He has had the privilege of working with many elite athletes at Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club and Portsmouth Football Club since becoming a sports masseur. He also has experience of working as a team with great healthcare professionals.

Warwick's interest in sport has helped him work with athletes, while his experience of working with people of all ages has strengthened his commitment to patient care and his enjoyment of helping his patients achieve goals and better health.